The Academy

A Progressive Process of Spiritual Self-Transformation

The Academy courses are constructed to proceed progressively. Studies begin by giving the student a foundation to realize that light, and indeed all energy, carries information that can be put to use. A wide variety of Techniques are presented for the absorption and circulation of solar energy and the information it contains. Application of these Techniques affects the endocrine system and the expressions of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. In the beginning stages, physical benefits are more noticeable. Over time, however, something unusual takes place. It is as if the physical organism has been reset to function in a more dynamic way. One begins to realize that solar energy is a nutrient. This nutrient’s effects become very conspicuous when absorbed in the proper manner and with the proper disposition. All of the methods and models for this are carefully laid out for the student and build on one another as one progresses through the Academy.

Academy Program Outline
Develop Healthy Chakras (Force Centers)

Benefits are more than just physical. Light — or photons — carries information. But just as in understanding the meaning of the characters on this page, we need the keys to decode that information so it has meaning and an effect. This solar information not only affects one physically but also one’s emotional, mental, creative, regenerative, intuitive, and motivational capacities. Traditionally, people attribute these capacities to the chakras (called Force Centers in Cosolargy). The Academy will give the student the tools to decode the information that is carried within Light so that he or she can have the insight to understand how this Light is influencing the Force Centers/chakras. As one experiences these influences taking place, one becomes more cognizant, more insightful, more aware of — in other words, more conscious of — the Force Centers. This development dilates one’s being. Such development is achieved only by actively practicing the Techniques and having knowledge of how the Force Centers interact with each other and with the Light.

chakras diagram of plexuses, force centers, and light bodies.
Relationship of three levels of man: physical, psychic, and spiritual
Dedication to Practice and Theory

This process takes time. It is a journey — a journey experienced through the Force Centers of your Color Bodies and your Spiritual Light Body. Perceptive abilities are enhanced. Sensitivity escalates. Connections to other living things are enriched. Things seem fresh and new. All of these are by-products of an underlying process that brings us to a threshold: the ability to perceive and interact with realms beyond our physical universe. Understanding the particulars of how and why this development is occurring gives one the ability to break through this threshold. Again, this requires the practice of the Techniques and an understanding of how these elements are constructed and interact so that one is able to follow one’s progress. Eventually, this leads to the generation of a fully mature Light Body.

Introduction: Light Body

The Light Body allows one to interact with Realms of Light beyond this material world. The Light Body is composed of ultradimensional Light and affords Consciousness a point of accumulation and a vehicle of expression. This Consciousness has individuality but is not of the material world. It is not mental. It is not psychic. It is not imaginative. It does not ponder past or future. Nevertheless one becomes aware of it and its influences. They cascade and they crystallize, becoming insights, empathies, epiphanies, forecasts, and realizations that, before this, could not have been realized. When this occurs, it is a clear sign that one is partaking of another world that transcends space and time. A Transformation has occurred. One has become a multidimensional being — a terrestrial being fused with a Being of Light.

Light Body Force Centers
Discover Your Destiny

It is clear that this development does not come as a result of wishful thinking. That is why when a person comes on course — that is, begins practicing the Techniques and getting a grasp on the course material — he or she is assigned a Preceptor. A Preceptor has gone through the same course material and has been applying this System for many years, often for decades. At least once a month the assigned Preceptor will have a conference with the student. Since everyone’s progress is unique, the Preceptor is only there to listen, answer questions, support, and guide the student.

Academy Program Outline
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