By Prentice Mulford

Thought Currents

We need to be careful of what we think and talk. Because thought runs in currents as real as those of air and water. Of what we think and talk we attract to us like a current of thought. This acts on mind or body for good or ill.

“If thought was visible to the physical eye we should see its currents flowing to and from people. We should see that persons similar in temperament, character and motive are in the same literal current of thought. We should see that the person in a despondent and angry mood was in the same current with others despondent or angry, and that each one is such moods serves as an additional battery or generator of such thought and is strengthening that particular current. We should see these forces working in similar manner and connection the hopeful, courageous and cheerful with all other hopeful, courageous and cheerful.

When you are in low spirits or “blue” you have acting upon you thought current coming from all others in low spirits. You are in oneness with the despondent order of thought. The mind is then sick. It can be cured, but a permanent cure cannot always come immediately when one has long been in the habit of opening the mind to the current of thought.

Ill Thought Currents

If a group of people talk of any form of disease or suffering, of death-bed scenes and dying agonies, if they cultivate this morbid taste for the unhealthy and ghastly, and it forms their staple topics of conversation, they bring in themselves a like current of thought full of images of sickness, suffering and things revolting to a healthy mind.1 This current will act on them, and eventually bring them disease and suffering in some form. If we are talking much of sick people or are much among them and thinking of them, be our motive what it may, we shall draw on ourselves a current of sickly thought, and its ill results will in time materialize itself in our bodies. We have far more to do to save ourselves then is now realized.

Success Thought Currents

When men talk business together they attract a business current of idea and suggestion. The better they agree the more of this thought current do they attract and the more do they receive of idea and suggestion for improving and extending their business. …

If our minds are, from what is falsely called economy, ever set on the cheap—cheap lodgings, cheap food and cheap fares, we get in the thought current of the cheap, the slavish, and the fearful. Our views of life and our plans will be influenced and warped by it. 2

Healthy Thought Currents

If but two people were to met at regular intervals and talk of health, strength and vigor of body and mind, and at the same time opening their minds to receive of the Supreme the best idea as to the ways and means for securing these blessings, hey would attract to them a thought current of such idea.3

Editors Note: This is an excerpt from a book written over one hundred years ago. While we in Cosolargy may not agree with everything Mr. Mulford says, I found this particular section interesting and thought it was worth sharing. If you extend what he says beyond body and mind into spirit and soul, you will then see a connection.

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  1. This is why elderly people who sit around discussing their illnesses all the time just get sicker and sicker.
  2. The kind of thoughts you dwell on are the things you attract. Constantly telling yourself to look for bargains because you can’t afford anything better is programming your subconscious to kepp you relatively poor.
  3. Likewise, if people get together to discuss and practice spiritual growth techniques, their spiritual growth will be accelerated.