“The ‘Absolute Consciousness,’ they tell us, ‘behind’ phenomena, which is only termed unconsciousness in the absence of any element of personality, transcends human conception. Man, unable to form one concept except in terms of empirical phenomena, is from the very constitution oh his being to raise the veil the shrouds the majesty of the Absolute. Only the liberated Spirit is able to faintly realize the nature of the source whence it sprang and whither it must eventually return. … The Finite cannot conceive the Infinite, nor can it apply to it its own standard of mental experiences.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Ultimate Consciousness

The first sentence in the quote is difficult to follow, so lets simplify it. Absolute Consciousness transcends human conception. That is really all it says. Absolute Consciousness, or Ultimate Consciousness being another name for the All Being, or God. It would be more accurate, however, to say that the Ultimate Consciousness is beyond the understanding of the human brain-mind.

Our brain-mind exists to help us function in the world of matter. It was not meant to function in the realms of spirit and therefore cannot understand spiritual things except in a very abstract way. It can accept the existence of spiritual worlds, but is not very useful for operating in those worlds. And since Ultimate Consciousness is pure spirit, the brain-mind cannot understand it.

Liberated Spirit

Blavatsky says only the liberated spirit can “realize the nature of the source.” She is correct. She is not correct when she says it can only faintly comprehend. That is true initially. But if one continues to develop his spirit and soul, their comprehension of the spiritual continues to grow. Eventually, it reaches that stage of Cosmic Consciousness where is becomes one with Ultimate Consciousness, and therefore understands it. But what is a liberated spirit?

Blavatsky makes it soul as if the spirit and soul are imprisoned in the body and must be set free. That is a reasonable, though allegorical, way to express it. More accurately, when we arrive in the physical world, our spirit is in a dormant state something like a coma. It must be awaken by “feeding” it spiritual light. That spiritual light which come from the Ultimate Consciousness to the spiritual sun, and then to us.

Finite Standards

The things of spirit and Ultimate Consciousness cannot be studies and understood in the same way you would study a strange material object or a newly discovered life form. With a material object, you can measure it’s dimensions, weight it, determine its chemical makeup, and so on. None of those things exist in the realm of spirit.

With a life form, you also study how it moves, how it behaves, what it eats, etc. in short, you study how it changes over time. Since there is no time in the spiritual realms, that won’t work either.

In spiritual worlds, noting is born, nothing dies, nothing ages. Nothing has a weight or size. Nothing has a chemical makeup. This means that a completely different set of standards must be applied when studying the spiritual. Or just reach that stage where you link with Ultimate Consciousness and simply know. No studies are needed, no theories need to be pondered, when you simply know the truth. Such is the nature of ultimate consciousness.