The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various connotations can be found alongside each other” ~Wikipedia

Spiritual – relating to deep feelings and beliefs, especially religious beliefs.” ~Cambridge dictionary

Spiritual or Material

In Cosolargy, we see ourselves, the world, and even the entire universe and all its dimensions as being basically divided into two areas: the material (or physical) and the spiritual. In between the purely physical and the spiritual is the mental or psychic area. We are not going to get into that area much in this post, as that isn’t the point of the article. The important thing to remember about it is that the mental/psychic level is not the same as the spiritual. Developing your spiritual self may increase your psychic abilities, but that is not the goal.

One View

In 2017, the online magazine, The Conversation, published an article titled “What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?” Here is a brief quote from that story.

I believe when people call themselves spiritual they are basically signaling three things: first, that they believe there is more to the world than meets the eye, that is to say, more than the mere material. Second,that they try to attend to their inner life — to their mental and emotional states — in the hopes of gaining a certain kind of self-knowledge. Third, that they value the following virtues: being compassionate, empathetic and open-hearted.”. ~Galen Watts

So you can see from this quote, and from the definition of spirituality above, that many are defining being spiritual as believing that there is more to reality than the physical world, that they attend to their “inner life,” and that it means being compassionate, empathetic, and open-hearted. While those are all attributes of a spiritual person, they do not define being spiritual. Knowing what spirituality means doesn’t make you a spiritual person.

More to Reality

Knowing that there is more to reality than the material world is generally the first step in spiritual development, but it isn’t the end of the road, just the beginning. For starters, recognizing that there is more to reality that the physical doesn’t make you a spiritual person any more than recognizing that drugs are not the only way to cure disease makes you a healer. Western culture tends to be materialistic, so it is unusual for people to look beyond the physical to the spiritual, but being spiritual requires even more.

Inner Life

Tending to your inner life is another term that is a little too vague to say it means being spiritual. In general, tending to an inner life can mean and one, or any combination, of three things: mental development, psychic development, and spiritual development. While the other two are often useful, it is only spiritual inner development that is part of what it means to be spiritual. Even then, that is only a part of the spiritual path a human being must follow to be truly spiritual. On the other hand, most in the Western World look outside for everything and rarely look to the inner self. Our approach is to deal with both the inner and outer life.


Having positive emotions like compassion, empathy, and love, are certainly part of becoming spiritual. It may, however, be putting the cart before the horse to think that developing those positive attributes makes one spiritual. I think it is more likely that the development of the spiritual self results in being more compassionate, understanding, loving, and positive.

Another View

Another website called Fearless Soul starts defining what it means to be spiritual by listing those things that do not necessarily make you spiritual. The list goes like this:

You don’t need to be religious.

You certainly don’t need to be ‘perfect’.

You don’t need to shave your head.

You don’t need to practice yoga and meditation every day.”

We can agree with all of that. But then the article goes on to say that:

“It is up to you to define your own version of spirituality. To be spiritual means holding a strong connection, to yourself, to the earth and its inhabitants.”

On those points, we cannot agree. While there is probably nothing wrong with those things, up to a point, they are all related to the material world. We in Cosolargy would say instead that we must develop a strong sense of being spiritual as much as, or even more than, we are physical. It means that our connection to the earth, to Nature, to the Cosmos, is more on a spiritual level than the physical. An earthworm has a strong connection to the earth, but it is not the least bit spiritual.

When we look at a tree and see the spirit of the tree, when we look at a dog and feel the spirit inside the dog talking to us, when we look to the sun and the stars, and gather the spiritual energy from them rather than just the physical, we have learned what it means to be spiritual and are well on our way back home to the realm of spirit. This contradicts what many learn in traditional religion, which is why spiritual schools like Cosolargy are often more acceptable to agnostic rather than religious people.

What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual in Cosolargy

In Cosolargy, being spiritual means you have or are working on, awakening your dormant spiritual faculties so you can have spiritual experiences and not simply read about them. Just as we have physical senses and a physical body, we have a spiritual

body (usually just called the spirit) with spiritual senses. But we are born into the physical world with those faculties in a dormant state. We must awaken them before they are truly functional. Traditional religion generally has us relying on priests and ministers to communicate with God and higher beings for us, rather than doing it ourselves.

A new spiritual Nation, now in infancy, must be created. And with the help of God, it will grow and become the dominant power in the world, both spiritual and material.” ~G Savoy, Sr.

We also see being spiritual as helping to make the world into a more spiritual and loving place.

We do not need more intellectual power, we need more spiritual power. We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things that are unseen.” ~Calvin Coolidge

Higher States of Consciousness

For some unknown reason, consciousness is rarely, if ever, mentioned in other definitions or explanations of being spiritual, but it is key in Cosolargy.

Although psycho-physical benefits are considered as part of the study, immortal life in another dimension is the primary aim of Cosolargists. To accomplish this, a higher consciousness must be awakened in the here and now.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr.

So the development of higher states of consciousness is at least part of what it means to be spiritual. In truth, if you don’t develop higher levels of consciousness, you won’t be in contact with spiritual levels of being and the higher power of God, so it is the How-To of spiritual development.1 Awakening these higher states helps improve our physical and mental well-being and our self-identity, so we recognize that a human experience is truly a divine experience and privilege.

Spiritual Leadership

So now that we now have answered the question, “what it means to be spiritual,” is that the end of it. We in Cosolargy say, “No, it isn’t”. We not only have to become spiritual as much as we can while still trapped in the realm of matter, but we also have to help others do the same, and prepare for the coming Golden Age of Spirit. That age will require leaders, as do all ages. Those leaders must have highly developed spiritual faculties. They will be consulted by government and business leaders to help them with planning. So in Cosolargy, we not only teach people what it means to be spiritual, and guide them in developing their own spirit and soul, we also train them to become spiritual leaders in that coming age. That is true spiritual life.

This world, this universe, is under a condition of cosmic energy that is streaming in from spiritual realms and affecting physical realms. And we know that, from time to time, this has happened in the past; but we teach that this is one of those very pivotal times where there are going to be great changes, and we need to unite ourselves with the source of those changes, which is Light.” ~G Savoy, Sr.

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