Sun Gazing vs. sun gazing

Gene sungazing

The Sun as a Pathway

In Cosolargy, we revere the sun as the primary source of spiritual Energy and Information. Indeed, without the sun, all life on the planet ceases to exist but rarely do people think about that. It is the end-all-be-all. It is the cause of all life!

But in Cosolargy we do not simply stare at the brightest star in our universe, and we do not worship it. For us, the sun is an intermediary between what’s within all of us and higher dimensions. In order to use the sun as a pathway correctly, we must learn how to utilize the energy of the sun by means of the System of Cosolargy, which is taught through our Academy Program.

Sun viewing is an ancient practice. Cosolargy is a modern extension of solar absorption and reflection based on religious arts, spiritual sciences, and therapeutic techniques. Our System helps you use the sun as a pathway to self-development and spiritual transformation. Cosolargy has roots in several international faith systems, both East and West, such as Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Brahmanism, Zoroastrianism, mystical Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Light Absorption

The health benefits of Sun gazing are many, including raising your level of Consciousness, strengthening your connection with nature, and increasing physical and mental energy. With the help of Cosolargy’s teachings, the System will help you reach a higher state of awareness through a correct and learned connection with your immortal Light Body.

The Cosolargy Academy teaches correct ways of looking at the Sun while also suggesting guidelines for a healthy diet and lifestyle. These physical benefits combined with spiritual guidance restore the mind and body, which is why Sun gazing has seen a popular modern resurgence. You will learn how to incorporate your Force Centers (chakras) with solar viewing and healing techniques using sound and light.

The Process

Reaching an elevated state of Consciousness does not come instantaneously from looking at the Sun. It takes time, guidance, commitment, internal development, and spiritual growth. Cosolargy’s Academy Program spans 24 months of practice in which you are assigned an advanced practitioner called a preceptor. Together you will discuss written and audio documentation around the practice of Sun gazing. Your preceptor acts as your tutor and guide to lead you through the stages of your transformation and to answer questions that may arise while you go through the Process of Spiritual Regeneration.

Once you are familiar with the teachings of Cosolargy and have some experience with safe sun gazing, you will begin to meet with Community members and attend the Center in the high desert of northern Nevada to gaze, learn, and grow with one another.

Enlightenment and the development of your spiritual Consciousness is the ultimate goal of Cosolargy, yet it is a life-long process that is attained in stages. Once you become a Consociate of the Community of Cosolargy, our hope for you is to be reborn into the Worlds of Light and truly connect with your immortal Light Body. As a practitioner of Cosolargy, you will learn to balance and increase your physical and mental energy which will lead to a healthier lifestyle, as well as a better connection with your true self and eventually a higher dimension.

Gene Savoy Jr Sungazing

Sun Gazing vs. sun gazing

While Sun gazing is seeing a modern-day resurgence, there is a difference between doing it yourself with no instruction and with the teachers of Cosolargy and the Cosolargy Community. Receiving energy from the Sun is something people do every day. Whether you go to the beach in the summer or just enjoy a clear, sunny day, it’s not hard to see how humans and all living things benefit from the Sun’s energy.

We even know the scientific benefits of the Sun’s rays. Sunlight and darkness affect our physical bodies as our skin releases hormones through the pineal gland. Sunlight releases serotonin while darkness releases melatonin. The right amount of serotonin and Vitamin D has been proven to elevate the state of mind and increase energy levels while maintaining focus and motivation. We know sunlight is good for the human body, but what we need to learn is how sunlight affects the human mind and Spirit.

There is a wealth of ancient information around how to harness the sun’s energy in the most beneficial way possible. From the ancient Egyptians and Maya to Buddha’s disciples to Jesus and the original Essene-Christians, the difference between “low” Sun worship and “high” spiritual practice is vast. For six decades now, Cosolargy has organized centuries-worth of instruction and practice around Sun gazing to create the System which is necessary to get the most out of the Sun gazing experience.

The Sun releases cosmic energy and information through photons. When these photons enter your body through your eyes, they impact millions of neurons. The pineal and pituitary glands are affected and enhanced, and a third eye is developed. Sun gazers without the appropriate instruction cannot process photons to their fullest potential. They may feel good, but don’t know why. With proper Sun gazing techniques you can begin to decipher the Language of the Sun.

Correct Instruction

Staring at the Sun is not good for the human eye. It can cause severe damage to the retina (solar retinopathy) due to a flood of ultraviolet light and can cause blindness. There is a reason they tell you not to stare at solar eclipses. This is why it is dangerous for someone to simply Google how to sungaze and then look up into the sky in the afternoon. Doing so seems to go against common sense, but it does happen.

In order to truly benefit from solar energy, there is a correct way to look at the Sun. There are safe hours to look at direct sunlight and techniques to process cosmic energy. Furthermore, you must have the right internal foundation to decipher the Sun’s messages completely.

Cosolargy is the path to correctly harness the power of the Sun. Our System is built to teach you how to awaken your Force Centers (chakras) and move from the physical world to the spiritual Worlds of Light.

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