Sun Gazing: Together in Light

The Cathedral Church of the Americas


Towering over 90 feet, the Cathedral Church of the Americas and Monument to Human Spiritual Rights is dedicated to the many pioneer leaders and thinkers of diverse backgrounds, inspired by a higher calling, who endeavored in their lives to bring to the world a greater appreciation and understanding of the mystery that is the human Spirit. These pioneers encouraged freedom of spiritual expression, which is reflected in the Universal Proclamation of Human Spiritual Rights.

What Exactly is Sun Gazing?

There has been much interest in recent years on the practice of solar light absorption or what is popularly known as “sun gazing.” A quick search online will produce a myriad of web sites advancing a variety of concepts and practices, some of which are highly speculative and ill-informed.

The great spiritual Teachers knew the physical sun was a gateway to another world – a Sun behind the sun. They also knew that sunlight was the conveyer of Intelligence and Information that is the source of all life on Earth and that is able to unlock latent spiritual faculties within the human being by means of certain Spiritual Factors streaming into the physical from Divine Realms. This was the teaching of Jesus and the Essenes, the priesthood of Aaron, the order of Quetzalcoatl in the Americas, Gautama Buddha, as well as Plato and his Academy, among others.

The one element common among them was the use of the sun as a tool for spiritual awakening or enlightenment, accomplished through adherence to certain spiritual disciplines, ethics, and codes and the practice of a Sacred System of Spiritual Regeneration taught through their mystery schools and holy orders.

The ancient high solar religions have degenerated into forms that would be unrecognizable to their original founders. Yet today we are privileged to live in a special age when an old cycle is passing away and a new one is coming into being. The dawning of a Golden Age of Light is bringing forth cosmic and spiritual changes never before experienced by the human family. As a species, we must learn to adapt to the profound changes taking place and the energies that have manifested within the sun to produce a new race of Light Beings on Earth.

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