There is much opinion on the internet and in books about what the light body (or bodies) is, and how it should be activated.

One website called Expand Your Awareness says there are three things you must do to activate your light body. It further says the light body is our higher self.

Another website called Spiritual Unite says: “More and more people are experiencing the stages of light body activation. The consciousness of the universe is rising, which in turn is increasing the vibration of the people residing in it.”

Gaia says the light body is the vehicle we use to graduate from the human condition and return to source.

At least most spiritual sites and schools seem to agree on two things: we have a light body and we need to activate it. In Cosolargy, we can agree with those schools on these two basic points. Where we may differ is in what we think the light body is and how we activate them.

Before we get started, you might want to complete our Light Body Profile to get a quick, somewhat general, reading of the current state of your light body. It isn’t an instant response. However, you will get a reply in a few days after actual people evaluate your responses.

The Light Body

“The limitations of physical existence may be overcome by the individual through activation of Consciousness and the development of a Light body. The individual must actually participate in the higher state of existence, called Consciousness, in order for the System of Cosolargy to have any meaning. That is why Cosolargists must be concerned with reality/experience rather than limit themselves to the study of theoretical concepts. The System and its techniques — designed to activate Consciousness, develop, and maintain a Light body— may be referred to as a technology of Consciousness.

 ~Gene Savoy, Sr.

Developing the light body is a major part of Cosolargy’s teachings. The first thing we need to understand—as far as is humanly possible—is what the light body is. We teach that the human being has three bodies: physical, psychic (also called the mental body), and spiritual. Some schools teach of another body called the emotional body, but in Cosolargy, that is part of the mental or psychic body. The spiritual body is also known as the Light Body.

Each of these bodies has a purpose. Each of them has energy centers. On the physical level, they are organs. On the higher levels, they are spinning vortexes of energy. The Light Body has four primary energy centers which each polarize or bifurcate into two centers in the psychic body. The lower two bodies are at their best when they work together with the Light Body for their own mutual benefit. In our teachings, the Light Body is more important than the other two: It is the only one that is eternal.

Activating the Light Body

Light body activation is not as simple as switching a light on. It is a process with many steps. The best results are obtained when the three bodies are all developed together. The first step then is to deal with that part of us we are most familiar with: the physical body.

The Physical Body

Since all three bodies are connected, we can start the Light Body activation by developing, or activating, the energy centers of the physical body. These centers are associated with major organs of the body. When spiritual gurus and writers say we need to listen to the heart rather than the brain, they don’t actually mean the physical heart that pumps blood. What they really mean is the energy center located in that area. 

Similarly, when people talk about a gut feeling, they are actually talking about something that is happening in the solar plexus. So, the eight centers shown in the illustration above need to be developed, strengthened, and made as healthy as possible. We do that partly on a physical level by exercising and eating healthy.

Colors matter also. If we are weak in the lower centers (emotional, physiological, and generative), eating more red, orange, and yellow foods can help. On the other hand, if those centers are strong, but the higher centers are weak, we need to eat more green, blue, and purple foods. Wearing clothes and crystals of appropriate colors will also help energize the weaker centers.

Caring For the Physical Body

Probably the most effective thing we can do on the physical level is to take in sunlight in a process that has come to be known as “sun gazing.” Our eyes are among the most important organs of the body. They are very close to the brain so that connection is very direct. And the eyes are meant to take in light. That includes sunlight. On the physical level, this light energizes and activate the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. The pineal is often called the third eye and is associated with spiritual awakening. The pituitary gland is often called the master gland because it controls many other glands. A healthy physical body is essential for optimum functioning on planet Earth, even for spiritual people. 

Those who hide from sunlight, especially by always wearing dark glasses, weaken their body by doing so. Even if you wear glasses that are not tinted, they are now made to block out most ultraviolet rays. (Those ultraviolet rays are important, so when sun-gazing, you should also take off your glasses.) Light body activation isn’t done in darkness.

The Psychic Body

Between the physical body and the spirit or spiritual body is the psychic body or mental body. When fully activated, it is also called the astral light body or solar body. It operates at a higher frequency than the physical body, but lower than the spiritual body. This body has psychic abilities that vary depending on many factors including its strength, colors, and a person’s beliefs. It contains the energy centers often called “chakras.” Most spiritual schools teach that there are seven centers. As can be seen in the illustration, we in Cosolargy teach that there are eight. This body is activated by bringing light energy into those eight centers to help them grow bigger and stronger. 

It also helps to develop our psychic abilities, but with a caveat. We don’t want to get hung up in the middle level with psychic development and fail to continue on the path of enlightenment to the spiritual.

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body is the true Light Body. When a real spiritual guru, or a Cosolargy teacher, talks about light body activation, it is this body they refer to. It may also be called the spiritual Light Body to avoid confusion. Activation of the Light Body allows one to develop spiritual senses that are higher than the physical senses and can reveal dimensions of higher light to us. 

Heaven on earth, at least within our own reality, becomes a reality when the Light Body is activated and developed. This leads us to higher states of consciousness and helps us achieve unconditional love for all. 

Opinions on the Light Body

There are many opinions on how Light Body activation is triggered. Some insist that we must go through a traumatic experience, a “dark night of the soul.” There is, fortunately, little evidence that such an experience is a requirement. In many cases, it may be a number of minor difficulties that start the process instead, a sort of “the straw that broke the camel’s back” scenario. But there are cases where no tragedy happens at all.

Probably the most common belief is that the best method of Light Body activation is simple meditation performed regularly. But there are many millions of people all over the world who meditate, yet there are very few who actually experience true Light Body activation.

Another belief that has become popular is that the use of certain drugs can bring about spiritual awakening and Light Body activation. Our streets and back-alleys are littered with those who live on drugs. Spiritual masters are not among them. The problem with using hallucinogenic drugs is that you never know what is a real spiritual experience and what is just hallucination. So, taking drugs is another method that is unreliable as well as dangerous.

The need for finding and working with spirit guides is also a common belief, as is the belief that we need to investigate past lives through past-life regression, or other methods. But while there may be some benefit to these things, they don’t really reveal higher dimensions to us.

Finally, we come to the one I have already mentioned for the health and well-being of the other two bodies. Yes, sunlight. The proper use of sunlight is the most reliable way to bring about Light Body activation. But there is a difference.

Light Body Activation

In order for the spiritual Light Body to be activated by sunlight, we have to be able to take in the Light of the Spiritual Sun in addition to the light of the physical sun. When you sun gaze by looking at the physical sun, you are also getting Light from the Spiritual Sun. But you get little benefit from that Light if you don’t know how to receive it and tune yourself into it. It’s similar to tuning a radio to the channel you want to listen to. Having a positive attitude helps. Having a desire for spiritual growth does also. But not if you approach it with the idea of gaining some power by which you can lord over others. It has to be done with humility. 

The complete process of light body activation is more complicated which is why it is better taught in reliable spiritual schools like that of Cosolargy. But just doing that much will go a long way in getting you started on light body activation.